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Monthly Statistics

December 2017 - Sales

January 09, 2018

December 2017 Sales

Although annual sales of light vehicle reached 2 million units overall, sales in December declined 1.1% compared to 2016 to 124,247 units. Passenger car sales were down 12.5% to 32,687 units, but light truck sales were up 3.8 % to 91,560 units in December.

Total sales of JAMA Canada members slipped 7.5% to 41,552 deliveries in December. Both passenger car and light truck sales dropped, down 19.7% to 13,069 units, and down 0.8% to 28,483 units respectively. As a result, individual members’ sales were mixed: Nissan Canada (+9.3%) was the leader of the month, followed by Subaru Canada (+4.6%), while Mazda Canada (-0.8%), Toyota Canada (-7.8%), Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada (-22.7%), and Honda Canada (-22.8%) were all down year over year.


For the first time in Canada, new vehicle sales broke through the two million mark, rising 4.8% to 2,038,798 units. Although sales of passenger cars remained soft in 2017, down 3.4 % to 639,823 units, robust demand for light trucks drove sales up 8.7 % to 1,398,975 units. As a result, market share for light trucks in Canada rose to 68.6% in 2017.

Overall 2017 was another record sales year for Japanese automakers in Canada as sales rose 5.8 % to 719,807 units. As combined Japanese brand sales outperformed the market, Japanese brand share rose to 35.3% for 2017. Nissan Canada (+9.3% to 146,677) was the growth leader of the year, followed by Subaru Canada (+8.7% to 54,570), Mazda Canada (+7.0% to 74,056), Honda Canada (+5.7% to 197,251), Toyota Canada (+3.1% to 224,547), and Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada (+1.9% to 22,706).

JAMA Canada members with new sales records in 2017: Honda Canada, Mitsubishi Motor Sales Canada, Nissan Canada, Subaru Canada and Toyota Canada.
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