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Kenji Tomikawa appointed Chairman of JAMA Canada


Toronto, Ontario - On April 1st, Mr. Kenji Tomikawa, President and CEO of Toyota Canada Inc., became the 8 th Chairman of JAMA Canada succeeding Mr. Shigeru Takagi, formerly President of Honda Canada Inc., who has taken up new responsibilities at Honda’s European office in Great Britain.

With wide-ranging international experience and an unswerving commitment to customer satisfaction, Ken Tomikawa believes that an integrated, flexible organization, focused on the needs of its customers, is the key to Toyota’s continued success.

After graduating from Nagoya University with a degree in Economics, he joined Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) in 1970, starting in the Overseas Parts Department just as Toyota began a period of explosive international growth. There he gained firsthand understanding of the complex logistical relationships between manufacturing, inventory control, distribution and marketing, and important insight into the new information systems technologies.

In 1988, following telecommunications deregulation in Japan, Mr. Tomikawa was assigned to International Digital Communications Inc. (IDC), a new telephone company in which TMC was a core partner. There, he developed the international business relationships crucial to IDC’s success.

Mr. Tomikawa’s next assignment, in 1992, was as Deputy General Manager of Toyota’s Africa Division, building the infrastructure that would support growing sales in the South African market. In 1995, he was named Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation, where he supervised both sales and manufacturing, and Toyota’s business in the Philippines more than doubled in just a year and a half.

Mr. Tomikawa first came to Canada in 1996, as Executive Coordinating Officer and assistant to then-President Yoshio Nakatani. Here, he learned the retail side of the automotive industry, developing the deep respect for both customer and dealer that motivates him today. He then spent a year as General Manager of TMC’s Americas Division where he amalgamated activities in the 46 countries in North and South America where Toyota does business. This not only created a more efficient, customer-oriented structure, but enabled the growing Latin American markets to share the experience and resources of influential Toyota sales and manufacturing operations in Canada and the U.S.A.

Mr. Tomikawa returned to Canada in January 2002, as President and Chief Executive Officer of Toyota Canada Inc. Mr. Tomikawa and his wife, Hiromi, who joins him in Canada, have a son and a daughter who are continuing their careers in Japan.

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