Canadian new light vehicle sales dropped for the sixth consecutive month, down 1.6% to 180,942 units over August 2017. Despite the minor decrease, last month’s sales still hold the second strongest August sales on record. The sales shift to light trucks continued in August: Passenger car sales declined 10.6% to 52,842 units, while light trucks increased 2.6% to 128,100 units.

All JAMA Canada members had positive results for the month of August and as a group, sales increased by 2.0% to 66,907 units. Passenger car sales dropped 4.1% to 25,653 units, while light truck sales improved 6.3% to 41,254 units. Sales results: Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada (+17.8%), Toyota Canada (+2.0%), Subaru Canada (+1.7%), Honda Canada (+1.5%), Nissan Canada (+1.4%), and Mazda Canada (+0.3%).

YTD: Jan – Aug

Overall, YTD sales of light vehicles in Canada dipped 0.8% to 1,392,936 units at the end of August. Passenger car sales continued to decline, down 9.2% to 415,241 units, while light truck sales rose 3.2% to 977,695 units. Light truck YTD market share rose to 70.2 % up from 67.5 % in 2017.

All Japanese automakers showed positive results for the YTD as Japanese brand sales increased by 2.4% to 503,942 units representing 36.2% market share, up 1.2 points compared to 2017. Passenger car sales dropped 6.3% to 193,187 units, while light truck sales grew 8.7% to 310,755 units. Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada (+16.9%) was the growth leader, followed by Subaru Canada (+5.9%), Mazda Canada (+5.1%), Nissan Canada (+1.7%), Toyota Canada (+1.2%) and Honda Canada (+0.8%).

Members Sales – Aug 2018