Canadian new light vehicle sales in July fell 3.6%, which marks the fifth consecutive month of year-on-year declines and its largest percentage slide thus far this year. Passenger car sales dipped 9.0% to 53,018 units while light truck sales were down 1.1% to 122,299 units.

Total sales of JAMA Canada members rose 1.3% to 64,215 units compared to the same month last year. Passenger car sales continued to decline, down 2.2% to 25,303 units, while light truck sales rose 3.6% to 38,912 units. Members’ sales were varied as follows: Subaru Canada (+ 13.2%), Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada (+ 11.6%), Mazda Canada (+ 5.9%), Honda Canada (- 0.5%), Nissan Canada (-0.6%), and Toyota Canada (- 1.4%).


Overall YTD sales in Canada remained negative, down 0.7% to 1,211,994 units. Light truck sales were up 3.3% to 849,595 units, representing 70.1% of market share, while passenger car sales decreased 9.0% to 362,399 units.

All Japanese brand automakers had positive results and as a group, sales rose 2.5% to 437,035 units for the YTD. Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada (+17.7%) was the leader of the month, followed by Mazda Canada (+5.9%), Subaru Canada (+5.5%), Nissan Canada (+2.2%), Toyota Canada (+1.6%) and Honda Canada (+0.9%). Market share improved to 36.1% YTD from 34.9% in the same period in 2017.

Members Sales – Jul. 2018