October 2018 sales
Canadian light vehicle sales dropped by 1.9% to 161,125 units in October (the second highest sales for October on record) which was the eighth consecutive monthly decline since March. Passenger car sales declined 6.9% to 45,437 units, while light truck sales were up marginally 0.2% to 115,688 units.
Japanese brand sales as a group climbed 2.2% YOY to 63,540 units which surpassed the total sales of US-based automakers’ (D3) in October. Passenger car sales dropped 0.4% to 22,714 units, while light truck sales grew 3.7% to 40,826 units. Members’ sales results split into two groups: Subaru Canada (+11.1%), Toyota Canada (+10.2%), and Nissan Canada (+5.4%) in positive territory, with Mazda Canada (-5.9%), Honda Canada (-7.0%), and Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada (-9.9%) in the red.

Jan – Oct: YTD
Through the end of October, Canadian light vehicle sales dipped 1.6% to 1,727,035 units. Passenger car sales decreased by 9.4% to 509,956, while demand for light truck sales continued to grow 2.0% to 1,217,079 units. As a result, the market share of the light truck in Canada rose to 70.5 % from 67.9% compared to the same period in 2017.
JAMA Canada members sales grew 1.7 % YTD to 632,126 units. Passenger car sales were down 6.3% to 239,033 units while light truck sales increased 7.1% to 393,093 units. Market share gained 36.6% from 35.4% in 2017. Sales results: Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada (+12.3%), Subaru Canada (+6.9%), Mazda Canada (+2.2%), Nissan Canada (+1.8%), Toyota Canada (+1.1%) and Honda Canada (-0.6%).

JAMA Canada Members Sales – Oct.