Canadian light vehicle sales were down by 7.4% to 172,974 units in September, the largest monthly drop since 2009. Passenger car sales were down 13.7% to 49,279 units, and even light truck sales in September dipped 4.7% to 123,696 units.

Japanese automakers’ sales as a group declined by 4.5% to 64,644 units in September. Passenger car sales underperformed, down 11.2% to 23,132 units, while light truck sales fell 0.4 % to 41,512 units. Only sales at Subaru Canada were up y/y with a 9.4 % gain and was the growth leader of the month, followed by both Nissan Canada (-0.5%) and Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada (-0.5%), Honda Canada (-4.8%), Toyota Canada (-8.3%) and Mazda Canada (-11.3%).

YTD: Jan – Sep

Although September was the seventh consecutive monthly decline in 2018, sales results after the third quarter were only down 1.6% to 1,565,910 units. Nevertheless, automakers still expect sales to hit two million by the end of 2018. Passenger car sales recorded down 9.7% to 464,519 units and light truck sales kept growing 2.2% to 1,101,391 units.

All JAMA Canada members’ sales stayed in positive territory for YTD in September. As a group, total sales rose 1.6% to 568,586 units, which improved market share to 36.3% from 35.2% compared to last year. Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada (+14.9%) was the growth leader, followed by Subaru Canada (+6.3%), Mazda Canada (+3.1%), Nissan Canada (+1.5%), Honda Canada (+0.1%) and Toyota Canada (+0.05 %).

Members Sales – Sep. 2018