February 2019 – Sales in Canada

Although it was the third highest-selling in February on record, light vehicle sales in Canada dropped 3.7% to 120,891 units last month. This is also the twelfth consecutive month of declining sales in Canada. In February, passenger car sales continued to decline, down 16.0% to 30,124 units, while light truck sales managed a slight increase of 1.2% to 90,767 units.

Sales of Japanese brands as a group in February decreased by 4.0% to 42,603 units. Both passenger car sales and light truck sales dipped, 10.2% to 14,346 units and 0.5% to 28,257 units respectively. Light vehicle sales results:

Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada (+4.3%) to 1,750 units

Toyota Canada (+1.4%) to 13,419 units

Honda Canada (+1.3%) to 11,944 units

Subaru Canada (-5.7%) to 3,069 units

Nissan Canada (-12.4%) to 8,597 units

Mazda Canada (-17.1%) to 3,824 units

YTD: Jan – Feb

Light vehicle sales fell 5.4% to 229,665 units YTD. Passenger car sales decreased by 14.9% to 57,208 units, while light truck sales fell 1.8% to 172,457 units. In 2019 YTD, three out of four vehicle sales were light trucks in Canada.

As a group, JAMA Canada members YTD sales dipped 4.3% to 83,938 units.  Passenger car sales decreased 9.4% to 28,260 units, while light truck sales fell 1.5% to 55,678 units. The growth leader was Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada (+9.2% to 3,192 units), followed by Toyota Canada (+7.6% to 27,664 units), Subaru Canada (-4.1% to 6,212 units), Honda Canada (-8.7% to 22,737 units), Nissan Canada         (-11.2% to 16,564 units) and Mazda Canada (-16.2% to 7,569 units).

February 2019 Sales – JAMA Canada