First Quarter 2020 – Sales

The global spread of COVID-19 has had a huge impact to Canadian auto industry for March sales, and as a result has affected the sales figures for the first quarter in 2020.  Total light vehicle sales across Canada were down 20% to 329,108 units.

Passenger car sales fell by 35.3% to 68,361 units, while light truck sales dipped 14.7% to 260,747 units.  Market share changed accordingly, and light truck market share climbed to 79.2% in 1Q, compared to 74.3% in the same period in 2019.

Japanese automakers sales as a group dropped 25.7% to 114,184 units in the 1Q. Passenger car sales dropped 34.5% to 33,939 units, while light truck sales were down 21.2% to 80,245 units. Overall Japanese brand market share fell to 34.7% in the 1Q 2020.

All JAMA Canada members had negative results as below:

Subaru Canada (-12.7% to 9,595 units)

Toyota Canada (-18.0% to 39,423 units)

Mazda Canada (-18.7% to 11,237 units)

Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada (-24.5% to 5,246 units)

Honda Canada (-31.4% to 29,020 units)

Nissan Canada (-37.7% to 19,663 units)


US brand automakers (D3) recorded lower sales as well. Combined D3 sales were down 15% to 146,070 units. FCA Canada fell 18.8% to 44,140 units, while Ford Canada and GM Canada dipped 13.8% to 53,729 units, and 12.8% to 48,201 units respectively. D3 market share rose to 44.4% having outperformed the market in the 1Q.

Sales of European brands lagged 23.9% to 35,399 units – which reduced their market share to 10.8%, while Korean brand sales were down 15.1% to 33,455 units – which improved their share to 10.2% in the 1Q.

Q1-2020-Sales-JAMA Canada