January 2019 – Sales

Canadian light vehicle sales declined 7.3% to 108,774 units in January, although it was the fourth highest January sales on record. Passenger car sales fell 13.7% to 27,084 units, while light truck sales dipped 4.9% to 81,690 units, representing 75.1% share of light vehicle sales in January.

Total sales of Japanese automakers as a group slipped 4.5% to 41,335 units in January. Sales of both passenger car and light trucks were down, 8.5% to 13,914 units and 2.4% to 27,421 units, respectively. Their results were split: in positive territory were Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada (+15.9%) and Toyota Canada (+14.1%), while others were down YOY including Subaru Canada (-2.4%), Nissan Canada (-9.8%), Mazda Canada (-15.2%) and Honda Canada (-17.6%). Despite softer sales in January, JAMA Canada members’ combined market share rose to 38.0% having outperformed the overall market.
JAMA web Jan. Sales