Sales – November 2019

Canadian light vehicle sales in November were flat at 143,666 units, two units shy of the last year’s sales. Passenger car sales dropped 18.6% to 31,774 units, while light truck sales rose 6.9% to 111,892 units.

As a group, Japanese automakers’ sales lagged 0.9% to 55,007 units in November. Passenger car sales were down 21.4% to 14,823 units, while light truck sales rose 9.6% to 40,184 units. Among JAMA Canada members, results were mixed: the growth leader in November was Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada (+20.3% to 2,052 units), followed by Mazda Canada (+4.0% to 5,308 units), Subaru Canada (+3.4% to 5,164 units), Toyota Canada (+1.9% to 19,089 units); while Honda Canada (-2.5% to 13,210 units) and Nissan Canada (-11.0% to 10,184 units) were both in negative territory.


Overall, light vehicle sales in Canada dropped 3.5% to 1,805,226 units for the YTD. Sales of passenger cars fell 15.8% to 462,322 units, while light truck sales improved slightly up 1.6% to 1,342,904 units – which represents 74.4% Canadian market share for light trucks, up from 70.7% last year.

JAMA Canada members’ sales dropped 2.4% to 670,828 units through the end of November. Sales of passenger cars continued to soften, down 14.0% to 221,912 units, while demand for light trucks grew 4.5% to 448,916 units. Toyota Canada (+3.7% to 223,811 units) was the growth leader, followed by Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada (+3.3% to 24,370 units), while others were down YOY: Subaru Canada (-2.3% to 52,853 units), Honda Canada (-2.7% to 179,736 units), Nissan Canada (-8.8% to 127,298 units), and Mazda Canada (-10.2% to 62,760 units). The overall market share for Japanese brand light vehicles improved 0.4 points to 37.2% compared to last year.

November 2019 Sales – JAMA