Q2 sales report

Now that most automakers have changed to from monthly to quarterly sales reporting, we will only be able to report on quarterly sales figures (DesRosiers continues to provide monthly data, but these are only estimates).

Second quarter auto sales in Canada dropped 44.7% to 314,496 units due to falling demand arising from the pandemic. Passenger car sales plunged 57.1% to 67,319 units, while light truck sales fell 39.9% to 247,177 units.

JAMA Canada members’ sales as a group dipped 48.6% to 107,163 units for the second quarter. Mazda Canada was the least impacted by COVID-19 with sales down 39.4% to 11,344 units, followed by Honda Canada, down 45.2% to 29,784 units, Subaru Canada was 47.9% lower to 8,557 units, Toyota Canada fell 48.1% to 37,528 units, Nissan Canada dropped 57.3% to 17,123 units, and Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada sales plunged 58.0% to 2,827 units.

YTD (January – June)

Overall, total Canadian light vehicle sales for the first half of 2020 slipped 34.3 % to 643,604 units from 979,718 in 2019. Light truck sales were down 29.2% to 507,925 units, while passenger car sales plunged 48.3% to 135,679 units.

Japanese automakers’ combined sales decreased by 38.9% to 221,347 units through the second quarter. Light truck sales were down 34.3% to 155,330 units, while passenger car sales dropped 47.5% to 66,017 units. Mazda Canada fell 30.6% to 22,581 units, followed by Subaru Canada off 33.8% to 18,152 units, Toyota Canada decreased 36.1% to 76,951 units, Honda Canada lagged 39.1% to 58,804 units, Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada was down 41.0% to 8,073 units, and Nissan Canada dropped 48.7% to 36,786 units. Japanese brand market share fell to 34.4% in the first half from 37.0% in 2019.

Q2 2020-Sales-JAMA Canada