(Note: As of January 2020, more than one-third of automakers in Canada have switched to quarterly sales reports, these remarks are only for the JAMA Canada members).

February 2020

Japanese automakers’ light vehicle sales as a group were up 2.7% to 43,734 units in February. Most of the members had double-digit increase/decrease and results were split into two categories: Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada had robust sales, gained 15.1% to 2,015 units, followed by Subaru Canada (+14.1% to 3501 units), Toyota Canada (+13.9% to 15,288 units), Mazda Canada (+10.7% to 4,232 units). On the other hand, Honda Canada sales fell (-6.5% to 11,166 units) along with Nissan Canada (-12.4% to 7,532 units).

YTD: Jan – Feb.

By the end of February, JAMA members’ total YTD sales decreased 1.2% to 82,902 units on mixed results. Subaru Canada (+9.8% to 6,212 units) was the growth leader, followed by Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada (+8.4% to 3,192 units), Mazda Canada (+5.5% to 7,569 units), Toyota Canada (+4.7% to 27,664 units), Honda Canada (-8.4% to 22,737 units) and Nissan Canada (-10.5% to 16,564 units).

February 2020 Sales – JAMA Canada