Openness is the engine that drives Canada.

With a highly trade-dependent automotive sector and a small domestic market, open, efficient trade is critical to ensuring a vibrant and sustainable Canadian auto industry. Enhanced and diversified trade improves access for consumers, encourages industry innovation, and helps contribute to Canada’s place as one of the most reputable nations in the world in which to invest and trade.

Joint Letter from JAMA Canada and Global Automakers of Canada

7 out of 10

Japanese-brand cars sold in Canada 
are built in North America

Modernize NAFTA

We build where we sell. Japanese automakers have made significant, long-term commitments to North America, helping create an open, deeply integrated, competitive industry across the continent. JAMA Canada fully supports a modernized trilateral NAFTA to ensure ongoing benefits for Canada, the US and Mexico, as well as enhancing the global competitiveness of the highly integrated auto industry in North America.

Download a complete list of JAMA Canada’s recommendations here.

Canada exported four times as many vehicles as it imported from Japan in 2017.

Supporting the CPTPP

Canada deserves the opportunity to show the world what it has. Ratifying the CPTPP will diversify and enhance Canada’s trade, ensuring we have free trade agreements with every one of the G7 nations, and give Canadian industries access to 460 million potential customers. It will give all automakers a level playing field, and enhance Canadian consumers’ access to the advanced technology vehicles that are crucial to meeting Canada’s transportation needs. In an era of global competition and cooperation, agreements like the CPTPP are crucial to Canada’s continued prosperity.

Download a complete explanation of JAMA Canada’s support for the CPTPP here.