Q3 Sales Report 2020

Canadian light vehicle sales fell 3.9 % to 500,734 units during the third quarter due to the COVID and economic slowdown. Passenger car sales were down 21.4% to 101,548 units, while light truck sales increased 1.8% to 399,186 units.

JAMA Canada members’ sales as a group dropped 5.3% to 181,162units. Sales results are mixed with positive and negative categories: the sales growth leader was Subaru Canada, gained 19.9 % YOY to 17,565 units, followed by Mazda Canada up 0.9% to 19,053 units, Toyota Canada 0.4% up to 63,827 units, while Honda Canada decreased 11.9% to 46,502 units, Nissan Canada fell 14.5% to 29,790 units and Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada dropped 32.0% to 4,425 units.


By the end of September 2020, Canadian light vehicle sales had dropped 23.7 % to 1,145,226 units. In fact, all brands’ sales were down compared to the same period in 2019. Passenger car sales plunged 39.4% to 237,277 units, while light truck sales fell 18.1% to 907,949 units.

Japanese automakers’ sales fell 27.3% to 402,509 units as a group. Individual members’ sales results: Subaru Canada (-15.1% to 35,717 units), followed by Mazda Canada (-19.0% to 41,634 units), Toyota Canada (-23.5% to 140,778 units), Honda Canada (-29.5% to 105,306 units), Nissan Canada (-37.5% to 66,576 units) and Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada (-38.1% to 12,498 units). Japanese brand market share YTD was also down to 35.1% from 36.9% the same period in 2019.

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