Q1 Sales – 2021

For the first quarter of 2021, Canadian light vehicle sales were much improved, 15.1% up to 378,730 units compared to 1Q in 2020. Passenger car sales were down 8.9% to 62,287 units, while light truck sales rose 21.4% to 316,443 units. Market share of light trucks continues to climb, up to 83.6% for the 1Q, 4.4 points up from 2020.

JAMA Canada members sales as a group improved 16.6% to 133,180 units. Passenger car sales were down 10.8% to 30,267 units, while light truck sales kept rising in 1Q, up 28.3% to 102,913 units. Mazda Canada was the sales growth leader, with a gain of 33.9% to 15,042 units, followed by Nissan Canada, up 27.6% to 5,082 units, Toyota Canada up 18.3% to 46,648 units, Subaru Canada up 17.4% to 11,260 units, while Honda Canada rose 4.3% to 30,265 units and Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada fell 6.9% to 4,883 units. Their combined market share improved slightly to 35.2% compared to 34.7% in the same period in 2020.

Q1 2021-Sales-JAMA Canada